Изучавање људско – животињских односа у антропологији и археологији I

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This paper is the first of the two planned, in which we will focus on the approaches to the
study of human-animal relations in ethnology and anthropology and archaeology. Even though interest in the role of animals in human societies is almost as old as the disciplines
the authors of this paper come from, changes and turbulences that the social sciences and the
humanities went through in the 1980’s meant that the old foundations on which this interest
was based came into question. Given the complexity and scope of the topic, the narrative on
the study of human-animal relations in anthropology and archaeology is divided into two
parts. In this first paper, we will offer a diachronic review of approaches to the study of
animals, animal remains and human-animal relations from the establishment of our
disciplines to approximately the end of the 20th century, and map changes and convergent
theoretical and methodological tendencies which have led to asking new and different
questions about relationships between humans and other animals, but also opened vast
possibilities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Key words: interdisciplinarity, ethnology and anthropology, archaeology, human-animal


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Прихваћено / Accepted: 03. 05. 2018.
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